Connecting Wichita Gamers

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Looking for a group that loves the games you do? Just moved to the area and want to find a new group of gamers? Check out our database of groups to find the one that's perfect for you. Don't see what you're looking for? Create a group of your own!


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Our friendly local gaming stores are here to help feed your addiction to all things game-related. Whether you're looking for board games, card games, miniatures or party games, you're sure to find a store that caters to what you're looking for.

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Connecting Wichita Gamers

Cardboard Carnage is made up of a group of geeks that love all things game-related. We want to help connect tabletop gamers of all types, promote our local game stores and play some awesome games with awesome people.


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Looking for an excuse to try out a new board game? Tabletop University is for you. Learn to play a new game every week.

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