Star Wars objective The Call of the Cult

Answering The Cult’s Call

by Colteron January 27, 2015
While teaching people Star Wars at TsunamiCon, a local gaming convention, I began to notice a disturbing trend: When I gave the new player my far-from-optimal Jedi deck and piloted my Sith deck, I lost. At first, that pleased me, for it meant the new player got to experience the thrill of victory. But when […]

To Arms Against the Overlord!

by Ayrphishon January 23, 2015
Cardboard Carnage is pleased to announce that starting on January 29th, we will host a Descent 2nd Edition campaign at Mana Vault. Curtis will take on the role of Overlord, and can accommodate up to 4 brave heroes! This will run at the same time as Tabletop University, and we will post some reminders on […]
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Tabletop University Play Report: Caverna

by Candace Bolingeron January 13, 2015
Tabletop University was invited to Wizard’s Asylum, where Store Owner, Devin Meadows, offered to teach us how to play the board game, Caverna, the Cave Farmers. ¬†If you’ve ever played Agricola, then you’ve got a head start at learning how to play it’s cave farming counterpart! ¬†Caverna has been toted as the “fixed version of […]


DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals – Batman vs The Joker

by Greggon January 12, 2015
I really enjoy deck-building games. A couple of my favorites are Legendary Encounters and Eminent Domain. I’ve also played several others such as Legendary (Marvel), Dominion, and Arctic Scavengers, to name a few. One of the newest games to enter into the genre is DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals – Batman vs The Joker. Overview […]

Ayrphishin’ with Imperial Assault

by Ayrphishon January 10, 2015
Hello Ayrphish Phans! It has been a good long time since I have gotten to play or post anything, but I couldn’t be more excited about today’s topic, and that’s Imperial Assault. I plan on writing a couple of articles and reviews for Imperial Assault, covering both the skirmish mode and campaign play, as well […]

Shadows of Brimstone – Todd’s Take

by Toddon January 8, 2015
Things were grim. The Gunslinger was surrounded by tentacles. The Preacher, harbinger of both judgement and blessing, was on the precipice of insanity, staring down the maw of a vicious night terror. The fearless (and frustratingly inept) Bandido was contemplating the best dropzone for his lit stick of dynamite when he took a slam attack […]

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