Podcast Episode 38: CC Goes to the Circus

By: Matthew Franz on 07-28-2017

Matt, Colter and Christy reminisce about things they like from the circus and what games bring similar feelings. Get the latest news during Christy’s Corner in the commercial break. Time stamps can be found at https://boardgamegeek.com/guild/2108

Podcast Episode 37: Beauty and the Geekway

By: Matthew Franz on 07-09-2017

Matthew and Colter are joined by Mac Drizzle to discuss what they’ve been playing lately as well as their first trip to Geekway of the West in St Louis. Christy answers another tough letter in Dear Christy.

Podcast Episode 36: Holy Anniversary

By: Matthew Franz on 06-19-2017

Colter and Matt discuss what they have learned after 1 year of podcasting. They also share some thoughts on favorite show moments and contemplate the future of the show. During the commercial break we’ll have a special Mega Mix.

Podcast Episode 35: Busy Busy Busy

By: Matthew Franz on 06-01-2017

Matt and Colter share their recent plays as well as how they handle gaming on busy schedules.

Is Fury of Dracula the Best Deduction Game?

By: Gregg Bolinger on 05-02-2017

As I was preparing to write this article, I asked the Cardboard Carnage crew for a list of games like Fury of Dracula; games of deduction with a hidden role. There are a lot of deduction based games and of those of few with some sort of hidden role. Games like Slueth, Spector Ops, Scotland Yard, Letters to Whitechapel and Nuns on the Run. And there are even more if you don’t count a hidden role.

Podcast Episode 34: By the Numbers

By: Matthew Franz on 05-01-2017

Matthew and Colter discuss what they’ve played recently as well as their favorite games to play at various player counts. A new sponsor offers a product too good to be true.