Podcast Episode 24: Bits O Honey

By: Matthew Franz on 10-22-2016

In this episode, Colter and Matt discuss what they like and dislike in various gaming components. They also give a few suggestions on how to improve components you might not like. Christy brings a new segment called DEAR CHRISTY, where YOU the listener can have your gaming questions answered.

Podcast Episode 23: The Three Reviewers

By: Matthew Franz on 09-27-2016

In Episode 23 of the Cardboard Carnage podcast Matt, Christy and Colter as they discuss what they like and don’t like in reviews as well as what types of media they prefer and how it influences their purchases.

It Came From Kickstarter! New Bedford, Pt. 2

By: Sam Mayo on 09-16-2016

Ahoy, there! Welcome aboard the second part of our exhaustive review of Dice Hate Me Games’ latest board game, New Bedford, its little brother, Nantucket, and its expansion, Rising Tide, fresh off their Kickstarter (KS) campaign fulfillment. As a quick recap, New Bedford is a worker placement game of whaling and town-building set in the mid-1800s. Players take on the role of a captain/businessman-about-town and compete with each other over victory points through the course of 12 rounds.

Podcast Episode 22: Top 3 Game Mechanics

By: Gregg Bolinger on 09-10-2016

In Episode 22 of the Cardboard Carnage Podcast, Matt Franz and Colter Cookson discuss their top 3 game mechanics that they enjoy most in tabletop games. Also in this podcast; what have they been playing. Please feel free to like / follow us and give us feedback:

It Came From Kickstarter! New Bedford, Pt. 1

By: Sam Mayo on 09-07-2016

Backing board game projects on Kickstarter (KS) can feel like a gamble. Will the project go out to backers in time (if at all)? Will the components be as good as promised? And the big one: will the end product be as great as we hoped?

SPV Podcast Episode 1: Companion Apps

By: Gregg Bolinger on 09-05-2016

We’re starting a new Podcast series called Single Player Variant. In this first episode Gregg Bolinger discusses Tabletop Games with Companion apps like XCom, Mansions of Madness v2 and Dead of Winter.