Dice Masters Tournaments Play Report

By: Chase Fishel on 12-17-2015

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt in writing a gameplay review, so please be gentle in your comments. My name is Chase Fishel and I play a ton of games. I have dabbled in Heroclix, Star Trek Attack Wing, D & D Attack, and Pokemon. Currently I play Warhammer 40K, Dragonball Z CCG, Warhammer 40k Conquest, and Dice Masters. Dice Masters came out about a year ago. I bought into it but found that there was very little product available and quickly sold everything and moved on.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 10: Deck Building Games

By: Gregg Bolinger on 08-20-2015

Gregg Bolinger, Jason Grantz and Dominic Greene discuss GenCon 2015 in this wrap up episode. They are joined by Mickie Grantz and Derek Richardson, owner of Hero Complex where we recorded this episode.

GenCon 2015

By: Candace Bolinger on 08-06-2015

Gregg and I decided to attend the much raved about GENCON this year. It seemed like a natural progression for a couple who avidly plays and collects board games, and who teaches and demos those games on a regular basis. We were both extremely curious about the convention, and craving the experience of this renowned world of geekdom where board gamers unite and feel right at home; where everyone knows what a meeple is!

GenCon 2015

By: Gregg Bolinger on 08-05-2015

GenCon 2015 is a wrap. This was my first year attending and it was everything and nothing that I expected it to be. It was a record breaking attendance year for the con; 61,000 and change. I knew it was going to be jam packed, but nothing can really prepare you for what it is like being there, shoulder to shoulder with fellow geeks and nerds from all over the world.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast: Episode 8

By: Gregg Bolinger on 07-02-2015

In this podcast episode Gregg Bolinger, Dominic Greene and Jason Grantz discuss their favorite 2-play only games as well as games that can be played over a lunch break. And they get off on a few tangents as usual.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 7: Kickstarter

By: Gregg Bolinger on 06-04-2015

In our latest podcast episode, Gregg, Jason and Dominic talk about Kickstarter as it relates to Tabletop Gaming. We also go off on a few tangents for your listening pleasure.