Tabletop University Play Report: Tiny Epic Kingdoms

By: Candace Bolinger on 04-09-2015

I like the way that Gregg stated it on our Cardboard Carnage Facebook page: “It’s tiny. It’s epic. It’s my kingdom.” Enough said. The game really is tiny. The player cards are smaller than 4×6 photographs. At the start of the game, each player chooses one faction from a fantastical selection, such as Lizardfolk, Halflings, Orcs, Dark Elves, Shapeshifters, Undead, Centaurs, Dwarves, Merfolk, Goblins, and many others. Each player receives 7 meeples of one color, as well as 1 mana, 1 ore, 1 food, 1 research, 1 tower token, and a randomly-assigned territory card.

Tabletop University Play Report: Dead of Winter

By: Candace Bolinger on 04-09-2015

Many of the Cardboard Carnage team members love the game Dead of Winter, and I am here to tell you why! The zombie apocalypse has broken out… survivors have set up a colony, and they have objectives that must be completed in order to survive the harsh winter weather. Secretly, however, each player controls a group of survivors who have alternate and sometimes even contradictory objectives they are trying to complete as well, even if that means covertly working against other survivors in the colony.

Tabletop University Play Report: Innsmouth Escape

By: Candace Bolinger on 04-01-2015

The week of February 14th we celebrated Anti-Valentine’s Day by playing Lovecraft-themed games with our group at Tabletop University. The main feature was Innsmouth Escape, with tag-alongs Unspeakable Words and Cthulhu Fluxx. The story of Innsmouth Escape goes like this… A group of students and teachers, who are on a field trip touring New England, get lost in the town of Innsmouth. They have been kidnapped, and are being held captive by the fish-like monsters of the town, the Deep Ones, who plan on sacrificing the students to their god, Dagon.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 6: Game Teaching Techniques

By: Gregg Bolinger on 02-26-2015

In Episode 6, Gregg Bolinger, Candace Bolinger and Jason Grantz discuss their tips and strategies for how best to teach people how to play games. They also discuss Tabletop Carnage which is happening Saturday, Feb 28th, 2015.

Empires: Age of Discovery on Kickstarter

By: Jason Grantz on 02-15-2015

Empires: Age of Discovery is going to be back in print, formerly known as Age of Empires III: The Board Game, this new deluxe edition includes The Builders Expansion as well as a brand new game, Dead Man’s Chest. Here’s what comes in the new edition: A totally revised 20 page Rulebook A 23” x 28” Game Board 6 Player Boards — approx. 11.5″ by 7.5″ 2 Double-sided Colonist Dock Overlays — approx 7.

Review: Francis Drake

By: Jason Grantz on 02-05-2015

When you first look at Francis Drake fully set up, the massive amount of beautiful components may make the game seem overwhelming. Don’t be fooled; while there is a lot of deep strategy and interesting choices to be made, the gameplay is very straightforward. In the first phase of Francis Drake, players take turns advancing down the street of Plymouth, collecting various resources–like crew members, guns, trade goods, etc–you’ll need in order to go on your voyage; however, once a player advances down the road, they cannot backtrack to a location they skipped.