Podcast Episode 58: Witches and Magic In Gaming

By: Matthew Franz on 03-07-2019

Matt and Colter discuss magical themes and the representation of witches in modern board games. Don’t forget to get your fill of games and grub at Headshots Bar and Grill.

Podcast Episode 57: The Grinch's List

By: Matthew Franz on 12-16-2018

Matthew, Colter and Christy share what games they think the Grinch would steal from their houses this Christmas and what games he may leave behind. Christy shares a special song about the love of her games during the commercial break. Don’t forget to take a break from the hectic shopping and relax with a burger, beverage or game at Headshots Bar and Grill.

Podcast Episode 56: MONKeying Around with Randy Rathert

By: Matthew Franz on 11-21-2018

In this episode Matthew and Colter are joined by designer Randy rathert to discuss his game the Kings Abbey as well as discussing some worker placement influences. During our commercial break get a cold drink or hot eats at Headshots Bar and Grill and find new ways to win with Shysta and Cheatem board game lawyers.

Podcast Episode 55: November Pain

By: Matthew Franz on 11-12-2018

Halloween maybe over but the scares never stop in board gaming. Matthew, Christy and Mac share 3 such stories as the Carnage Keeper keeps an eye on everyone. To take the edge off be sure to check out Headshots Bar and Grill.

Podcast Episode 54: Mystery Gamin

By: Matthew Franz on 10-23-2018

Matthew and Colter are joined by special agent Aaron Clites as they investigate what are good mystery games. You can help solve the mystery by sharing your thoughts as well. After the show do your own investigation of good food, drinks and fun at Headshots Bar and Grill.

Podcast Episode 53: GenCon 2018 Recap

By: Matthew Franz on 10-02-2018

In this episode, Matthew and Colter are joined by Mac Drizzle to recount some crazy happenings from Gen Con 2018. Christy’s Corner returns to give you the scoop on what’s coming up in Wichita along with Tsunami Con 2018. This episode brought to you by Headshots Bar and Grill.