Kickstarter Projects We Are Backing (Week of June 10th, 2019)

Here are the active projects that we’re backing as of the week of June 10, 2019.

Stockpile: Illicit Investments Expansion and Epic Edition

Stockpile is an economic board game that combines the traditional stockholding strategy of buy low, sell high with several additional mechanisms to create a fast-paced, engaging and interactive experience.

Link to Kickstarter

Iron Clays & Spades

In 2017, Roxley Games set out to create a new set of gaming chips that kept the feel of usability of high quality casino chips, but featured unique aesthetics. There was no one better suited for this job than the award winning Chad Michael Studio. Together we designed a new type of gaming counter, not only suitable for poker, but for all tabletop games. We called them Iron Clays.

Link to Kickstarter