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Fragments of Reality, Issue #0, Termi-Nated, Pt. 1

The first episode of the fan-made, interactive Sentinels of the Multiverse campaign and radio play, Fragments of Reality. The members of the Termi-Nation team chase down a villain at Wagner Mars Base.

After listening and playing the scenario described in the podcast, visit and click on the post for this episode to record your results. Voting ends on April 22, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Fragments of Reality, Issue #0, Pt. 1
Villain: Chokepoint
Heroes: Omnitron-X (standard)+, Unity (Termi-Nation), Bunker (Termi-Nation), Absolute Zero (Termi-Nation), and Parse (standard)++
+Must be included   ++Used in a 5-player game
This is on the honor system, so please vote honestly. One vote per game played, please!
Did the heroes defeat Chokepoint?
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