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Tabletop University Play Report: Robinson Crusoe

By: Sam Mayo on 01-31-2015

Your forehead and palms drip with sweat as you stand on the beach. Behind you is the ocean, stretching on and on until it hits the horizon. To your right and left lay the remains of your ship, the one that crashed the night before. Before you, just a few yards across a stretch of hot sand, sits a dark and forbidding jungle. You hear sounds from within that are unlike any you’ve ever heard.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 5: Replay-ability and Gateway Games

By: Gregg Bolinger on 01-29-2015

What? 2 podcasts in 1 week? Yes! This, our regularly scheduled podcast, Gregg, Jason, Todd and special guest Ben talk about what makes games replay-able as well as gateway games that we use to introduce new people to tabletop gaming.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 4: We Love LCGs

By: Gregg Bolinger on 01-28-2015

Todd and Colter take a break from the standard board game discussion to discuss their love for LCGs – expandable card games with a slightly different model than some larger games (cough…Magic…cough). Hear about all the major LCGs, what makes them unique, entertaining and worth checking out.

Answering Cults Call

By: Colter Cookson on 01-27-2015

While teaching people Star Wars at TsunamiCon, a local gaming convention, I began to notice a disturbing trend: When I gave the new player my far-from-optimal Jedi deck and piloted my Sith deck, I lost. At first, that pleased me, for it meant the new player got to experience the thrill of victory. But when my Sith deck continued to lose against people who were already into the game, I decided it was time to replace it with something better, or at least something new and interesting enough to take the sting from my losses.

Cardboard Carnage Podcast Episode 3: Game Themes and Components

By: Gregg Bolinger on 01-15-2015

Gregg, Candace, Jason, and Todd discuss game themes and components and how they can make a game better, worse, or possibly have no effect at all.

Tabletop University Play Report: Caverna

By: Candace Bolinger on 01-13-2015

Tabletop University was invited to Wizard’s Asylum, where Store Owner, Devin Meadows, offered to teach us how to play the board game, Caverna, the Cave Farmers. If you’ve ever played Agricola, then you’ve got a head start at learning how to play it’s cave farming counterpart! Caverna has been toted as the “fixed version of Agricola” by many board game players. Both games have the same designer, both are worker placement/resource management-oriented, both have lots of colorful, wooden meeples, both require some set up in order to play, both have similar mechanics and a book full of rules detailing the intricacies of those mechanics.