Cardboard Carnage Podcast: Episode 1

By: Gregg Bolinger on 12-11-2014

This is the first of what we hope to be many podcasts from the Cardboard Carnage team. In Episode 1, Gregg, Jason, and Todd discuss their 3 favorite games they currently can’t seem to get enough of.

Our Weekend in the Dungeon – Tsunami Con 2014

By: Candace Bolinger on 11-11-2014

We spent our entire weekend at Wichita’s first ever board gaming convention – Tsunami Con! We spent the bulk of it in the Dungeon… and, we had a magnificent time! DSC_8810 The convention opened at noon on a Friday. As Gregg and I walked into the Dungeon, i.e. Room of Game Demos, there were already people set up and playing games! Awesome! DSC_8681 We quickly set up the table with our fancy new banner, some information about who we are & what we do, laid out some buttons, and displayed plenty of games!

Tabletop University Play Report: Dead Panic

By: Candace Bolinger on 10-18-2014

We seemingly never tire of zombies, zombie games, and zombie-related nonsense around here…! It may not be for everyone, which is fine, but there’s just something about the survivalist aspect and the team work aspect and the fear of brain eaters that intensifies the fun when playing games with humans versus zombies, us versus them. Dead Panic is another one of those types of games; the humans work together to protect the walls of their cabin, help survivors come in from the woods, and fight off zombies until they are able to retrieve the three radio parts from the three survivors needed to assemble the radio, call for the van, and then make it out to the van alive and speed away!

Tabletop University Play Report: Betrayal at House on the Hill

By: Candace Bolinger on 10-10-2014

Fans of horror movies and creepy games will be psyched; the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill forces 3-6 players into their very own horror story as they layout a haunted house, with three levels, exploring each room for items, events, and omens. They must be able to pass frequent tests of physical and mental abilities with scary experiences waiting around every corner. And just when you think that there may be some light at the end of the creaky hallway, the Haunt begins and reveals one of the unsuspecting characters to be a traitor….

Tabletop University Play Report: Zombies!!!

By: Candace Bolinger on 10-03-2014

Tabletop University kicked off a monster-themed month of board games with a classic board game, Zombies!!! It’s a “human versus the reanimated, competitive, survival of the fittest, race for the helipad to escape” kind of scenario. And there are a TON of flesh eaters just waiting to be placed on the board…!!! Our group was super tiny this week, so we started out the evening chatting about the likelihood of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Tabletop University Play Report: The Resistance

By: Candace Bolinger on 09-21-2014

What can I say about the game, The Resistance?!? It’s a lot of fun, even if it does pit friend against friend, as distrust and dishonesty infiltrate each round, so that by the end of the game, you have no idea who is who and all you really know is that you can trust no one…! DSC_5642 At the beginning of the game, character cards are secretly dealt out.