Episode 70 Black Friday Special

By: Matthew Franz on 11-27-2019

In this episode, Matt and Colter try to help our listeners get prepared for Black Friday shopping. They’ll give advice on how to shop for the gamer in your life as well as throw out a couple new titles to try to snag. The Hotel De Chits return to entice those traveling gamers to stay at the perfect destination this holiday season. If you have a game you want to recommend please put it in the Facebook or Twitter comments to help your fellow shoppers find that perfect gaming gift this holiday season!

Episode 69 Thanksgiving Special

By: Matthew Franz on 11-25-2019

In this episode, Matt and Colter sit down at the table to give thanks in a variety of ways for the past year as well as sharing some games they have played lately. Also be sure to get your reservations for your holdiay travels at Hotel De Chits, the finest gaming themed hotel in the world!

Episode 68: Carnage From The Crypt 3

By: Matthew Franz on 10-31-2019

Midnight is upon us on All Hallows Eve and the Carnage Keeper is back to share some new stories as well as some of his past favorites.

Episode 67: What's On Tonight

By: Matthew Franz on 10-03-2019

On this episode, Matt and Colter are joined by Dan Patris of the Geek All-Stars Podcast to discuss what their prime time television gaming lineup would be. Also during the commercial break, Hugh Boardgame and Michelle Cardboard perform A Million Games from the hit musical The Greatest Boardgame.

Episode 66: Back To School

By: Matthew Franz on 09-04-2019

In this episode Matthew and Colter are headed Back To School to discuss games that have a educational slant to them. Also don’t forget to get your body ready for the 1st day with Body 4 Gamer workout program.

Episode 65: Great Pairings

By: Matthew Franz on 07-21-2019

In this episode, Matthew and Colter are joined by Christy to discuss what games go great together and they also share their reasons why. Also, catch up with all the Carnage activities for the month of August as well as the announcement of the OOPSY POOPSY winner during Christy’s Corner.