Of Ice and Men, A Preview of The Artemis Project

By: Cambridge Eaton on 08-23-2018

View on BGG Space may be the final frontier, but you’re not there to explore and make new friends. Your job is to help bring resources home to Earth, and nothing is going to stop you! The Artemis Project is the newest game from Grand Gamers Guild. It seats 2-4 players and takes 45-60 minutes. The game is in the Yahtzee inspired, dice chucking, worker placement genre. In The Artemis Project you and your friends get to play as Stabilizers sent to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons with extremely cold temperatures.

Video Review: Rise of Tribes

By: David Barnes on 08-10-2018

Tribe vs Tribe. Battle to the end. Roll dice. Be sure and stick around for the bloopers at the end.

Video Review: Tiny Epic Zombies

By: David Barnes on 07-10-2018

Grab your crossbow and as many bullets as you can carry while you watch David and Nate review Tiny Epic Zombies from Gamelyn Games. Be sure and stick around for the bloopers at the end.

Video Review: Eminent Domain: Oblivion

By: David Barnes on 07-09-2018

David and Nate review Eminent Domain’s expansion, Oblivion, from Tasty Minstrel Games. Be sure and stick around for the bloopers at the end.

Chillaxin’ With Some Herbs (Not Those Kinds): A Review of Herbaceous Sprouts

By: Cambridge Eaton on 06-13-2018

Back on Kickstarter View on BGG As far back as I can remember I have never done well with plants. From my days in middle school when I killed a cactus (I know, cactuses aren’t supposed to die), to my garden last year when my pug ate all of the tomatoes off the vine, I have never had good luck with any type of plant ownership or gardening. Well, thanks to Steve Finn, Eduardo Baraf, and Beth Sobel’s new game Herbaceous Sprouts I can finally experience the joys of having a green thumb.

Podcast Episode 51: BVS Anniversary Special

By: Matthew Franz on 06-11-2018

In this episode, Matthew and Colter share what games they’ve played lately as well as recounting 2 Buffy the vampire slayer themed games to tie in with the 15th anniversary of the series ending. Christy gives the local Carnage events for June in Christy’s corner. This episode brought to you by Headshots Bar and Grill.