Tabletop University Play Report: Relic Runners

By: Candace Bolinger on 09-14-2014

The game, Relic Runners, is all about competitive exploring in the jungle. Each explorer attempts to lay out the most strategic paths in order to travel around the board, visit temples and shrines, as well as, collect relics. The mechanic is pretty simple: move once and take an action. The movements can quickly be increased by laying paths. Once a path has been laid out, then it can be used for free movements in the future.

Tabletop University Play Report: Kaijudo

By: Candace Bolinger on 08-26-2014

Cardboard Carnage was truly excited to have our very first guest host, Dominic G., offer to teach the trading card game, Kaijudo to gamers at our last Tabletop University event!!! Dominic came prepared to teach and run a free tournament that night. The turnout was beyond AMAZING! And, Dominic handled it like a pro! DSC_4385 The good news: a good-sized group of gamers joined together and battled it out for cool prizes.

Tabletop University Play Report: Red November

By: Candace Bolinger on 08-21-2014

The submarine was SINKING…! Our crew, of somewhat sober gnomes, was on the job trying to save the vessel by putting out fires, pumping water, unblocking hatches, and fixing any number of things that could, and did, go wrong with the submarine’s systems. In the cooperative game, Red November, minutes mean everything and it’s important not to drink too much grog… DSC_4238 Captain’s Log – dispatching the following gnomes for general & critical repairs to the vessel.

Tabletop University Play Report: Formula D

By: Candace Bolinger on 08-09-2014

Our regular reporter for our Thursday night game sessions wasn’t with us this week, so I volunteered to help keep track of the information and create a report on the results of the gaming session. I must forewarn you, this will be no where as entertaining , detailed, or informative as what Candace is able to provide, but I’ll give it my best shot!! This week we played two sessions of Formula D.

Tabletop University Play Report: Forbidden Island & Forbidden Desert

By: Candace Bolinger on 08-05-2014

DSC_2097 For our latest edition of Tabletop University, a group of adventurers started out the night trying to survive the Forbidden Island by gathering treasures, shoring up (un-flooding) location tiles, and trying to keep their heads above water… The island has been cursed by the Archeans in order to keep their treasures hidden. Legend tells us that their treasures have the ability to control the Earth’s elements of fire, wind, water, and earth.

Tabletop University Play Report: The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus & Temple of Chac

By: Candace Bolinger on 07-15-2014

Some brave adventurers came out for our latest session of Tabletop University; to test their skills at playing The Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus and The Adventurers: Temple of Chac. It was a thrill-seeking, good time full of competitive treasure collecting, lucky dice rolling, unlucky dice rolling, mummies, and falling stone blocks! Our group of Adventurers cautiously entered the pyramid since most had never ventured into one before this night…. Some took their time investigating the rubble, sand, and crocodile pit, while others ran straight toward the idol rooms of Hededet, Thoth, Horus, Anubis, and Sobek; all of the adventurers sought to gather as many treasures as they could carry as they attempted to steer clear of snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, mummies, AND falling rocks.