Battlelore 2nd Edition

By: Katie Shephard on 06-12-2014

My husband and I recently played a round of Battlelore and had a great time. I say that because, while fairly close, I won. :) Battlelore is a 2 player competitive game in which you are both trying to earn Victory Points. Depending on your scenarios, each of you earns VP in different ways whether it is buy occupying certain sections of the map (left, center, middle), occupying certain types of tiles (mountains, forest, hills) or a variety of other placements.

Tabletop University: Elder Sign Play Report

By: Candace Bolinger on 06-07-2014

Tabletop University had it’s first game teaching/playing session on Thursday night at Mana Vault. The featured game was Elder Sign, an H.P. Lovecraft themed game from the Arkham Horror Files. This game is cooperative where the investigators must work together to resolve adventures, battle monsters, and earn Elder Signs in order to keep the Ancient One from awakening… The goal is for the investigators to earn the required number of Elder Signs before the Ancient One accumulates his required number of doom tokens in order for the investigators to seal the Ancient One away!