Podcast Episode 46: A Historical Endeavor

By: Matthew Franz on 02-20-2018

In this episode Matthew and Colter are joined from New Zealand by Jarratt Gray, who is half of the design team of Endeavor: Age of Sail which is available on kickstarter at the link below. During the main segment, the guys will be discussing historical themes in gaming. Endeavor: Age of Sail on Kickstarter

Podcast Episode 45: Sweating to the Games

By: Matthew Franz on 02-03-2018

Matthew and Colter look to bring the physical part of gaming back to the table with a look at some games to get you out of that chair. We welcome new sponsor BODY4GAMERS during the commercial break. Share your thoughts @cbcarnage

SPV Podcast Episode 2: Snobs in the Hob

By: Matthew Franz on 01-24-2018

At some point everyone deals with a snob at the table, sometimes we are even the snob so Matt sits down and shares his thoughts on what makes a snob and some ways to combat them in a nice manner.

Podcast Episode 44: Why Can't We Be Friends

By: Matthew Franz on 12-22-2017

Matt Christy and Colter share what games they’ve been playing lately. During our commercial break Christy’s Corner lays out the games to be demoed for January 2018. And the main topic of the night is what games can end friendships

Podcast Episode 43: Stranger Games

By: Matthew Franz on 11-28-2017

Matthew, Colter & Christy traveled to the Under and brought back some very strange games to discuss. They share what they’ve been playing and Christy answers another listener letter in our Dear Christy segment.

Gregg's Gaming Gift List

By: Gregg Bolinger on 11-06-2017

Christmas is closing in really quickly. When anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, the answer is always pretty easy; Board Games! Deciding which board games is more difficult. So if you are wanting to give board games as presents this year, here are several newer games that I think would be a big hit in most homes. For each game, I’ve provided the Board Game Geek link as well as a YouTube video from various sources that show how to play the game.