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Fragments of Reality, Issue #0, Termi-Nated, Pt. 1

By: Sam Mayo on 04-03-2017

The first episode of the fan-made, interactive Sentinels of the Multiverse campaign and radio play, Fragments of Reality. The members of the Termi-Nation team chase down a villain at Wagner Mars Base.

After listening and playing the scenario described in the podcast, visit and click on the post for this episode to record your results. Voting ends on April 22, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Podcast Episode 32: All in the Family

By: Matthew Franz on 03-20-2017

Matt and Colter discuss a variety of items themed around gaming with the family. Christy gives a news update in Christy’s Corner.

Podcast Episode 31: Top 5 New Games of 2016

By: Matthew Franz on 02-26-2017

Matt, Colter and Eric discuss the top 5 games that were new to Cardboard Carnage in 2016. Christy gives a news update in Christy’s Corner.

Podcast Episode 30: Silver Screen Gaming

By: Matthew Franz on 02-07-2017

Colter, Matt and Sam discuss games they would love to see turned into featured films on the silver screen. Christy gives a news update in Christy’s Corner.

It Came From Kickstarter! Game Night Bags by John Wrot!

By: Sam Mayo on 01-31-2017

For our second entry in the It Came From Kickstarter! series, we’re looking at a game accessory: Game-Night Bags by John Wrot! (he uses the “!” as part of his name). Transportation of tabletop games has been an issue gamers have dealt with since the early days of board gaming. With the onset of tabletop gaming’s new golden age, this problem has only gotten worse. The early days of hauling Caverna were especially difficult.

Podcast Episode 29: The Solo Gamer

By: Matthew Franz on 01-25-2017

Colter & Matt discuss games they like to play solo. Christy reponds to a “Dear Christy”.