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Tabletop University - Master Classes

By: Gregg Bolinger on 01-05-2017

Tabletop University has been a huge sucess for us and now, in partnership with Wizard’s Asylum, we’re introducing Master Classes! What are Master Classes? Tabletop games come in a wide range of complexity. The more complex the game is, the longer it takes to really figure out which strategies work and which do not. Games like Caverna, Rococo and A Feast for Odin provide so many different strategies that it takes many plays to really learn the depths and best ways to win.

Podcast Episode 28: Games of Christmas Past

By: Matthew Franz on 01-04-2017

Colter Christy & Matt used the Christmas Carol story to share games from our Christmas past, present and what we looked fwd to with games in the future as well as a special Christmas memory.

Podcast Episode 27: We’re All In This Together

By: Matthew Franz on 12-17-2016

Join Matt, Colter, and yes Christy makes a sudden appearance as the crew uses the 10th anniversary of High School Musical to discuss what games would go with the different clicks found in the movie. The cast also discuss what they have been playing and Christy brings another DEAR CHRISTY letter to the show. So sit back, relax, and bop to the top with us!

Podcast Episode 26: Just Role With It

By: Matthew Franz on 11-23-2016

In this episode Matthew and Colter will discuss what they have been playing recently as well as what games they suggest to get your Role Playing Gamer friends over to the cardboard side. Join us to share your suggestions and continue the discussion at our guild (2108) or in the comment section below. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Podcast Episode 25: Cardboard Carnage….Where are you? (The Halloween Special)

By: Matthew Franz on 10-30-2016

Happy Halloween everyone!!! In this special episode Matt, Colter and Christy will discuss what fills their treat baskets about the season,

Podcast Episode 24: Bits O Honey

By: Matthew Franz on 10-22-2016

In this episode, Colter and Matt discuss what they like and dislike in various gaming components. They also give a few suggestions on how to improve components you might not like. Christy brings a new segment called DEAR CHRISTY, where YOU the listener can have your gaming questions answered.