Our Mission

Cardboard Carnage is dedicated to enhancing, growing, assisting with, and promoting an inclusive Wichita local & regional gaming community.

What this means:

Enhance - We are here to make gaming better for our community; whether that is showing up with a tote of games for folks to play, helping someone decide what games they should own, or providing helpful and fun gaming information via media (podcasts, reviews, etc).

Growing - We want to see our gaming community continue to grow and get bigger and better. We do that by hosting events at local venues so that our community has more gaming options.

Assisting - We want to help other groups do what we do. If someone else is hosting an event we can be there with them adding more games, more help with demo’s, and just being available when needed.

Promoting - In order to enhance, grow, and assist our gaming community, we have to promote all the above; not just the Cardboard Carnage brand. We do this by advertising for other groups, pumping up events ran by other people, and helping our community know where to get the best gaming experiences.

Inclusive - Gaming should be fun for everyone regardless of race, gender, or age. We want everyone in our community to feel welcome to any table.