Tabletop University

If there’s one thing we like to do more than play games, it is teaching other people how to play games. Tabletop University provides a low barrier to entry to games you might not know how to play or games you might be considering, but would like to try before you buy.

We understand how intimidating it can be to go to your FLGS and play a game you’ve never played with a group of experienced gamers. We’ve all been there. We don’t want anyone to feel like they have to sit out because you might not know how to play. So we’re focused on teaching games. And learning new games is a thrilling experience! We love to be a part of that.

Tabletop University meets on most Thursday nights at Hero Complex or Sente from about 7pm – 10:30pm.

Look for the friendly faces and the Cardboard Carnage shirts and that’s us! Anyone is welcome. For a list of upcoming games we’ll be teaching, keep an eye on our Events page.